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Festival Days: Red

Banner 38" x70"

Fibers of wool, linen, lurex, silk and cotton. Unlined.

Shades of red and orange symbolize the fire and intensity of the lives of those who have gone before us. We are also reminded of the passion of our own faith. The Cross is abstractly created by bands of reflective lurex fiber.

Overlays 6" x 60"
Appliqués on organza ribbons.

Detachable overlays are created to hang on the red banners. Seven flames are on each ribbon symbolizing the tongues of fire witnessed on the day of Pentecost.

Individually sized and styled for the specific worship space.

Hand-woven to match fabric in accompanying banners. Self lined. Burse and veil of fabric that matches paraments. Sized to fit communion ware being used.

All items are custom ordered and priced according to dimensions, complexity, type of fibers used and time involved in production. The basic materials are hand-woven. The appliqués are generated especially for each project. Prices listed offer a range for each item. The actual dimensions, fibers, colors, designs and costs will be determined as we work together to describe exactly what you want.

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