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Rag Rug

Rag rug are traditionally just that rugs made out of rags. In our history handwoven fabric was made of hand spun wool, cotton, or flax. Spinning and weaving were time and labor intensive. The last use of the „rag“ was to be woven into a rug. Weaving lends itself to soul searching. The day I warped the loom in grey, blue, and burgundy I was thinking about the war in Iraq and our own Civil War. It dawned on me that I had chosen the colors of the Union and the Confederacy and combined them with a blue/red. At the time of the war in our history the color combination might have seemed „unpatriotic“ depending on one’s persuasion. But on this day they spoke to me of peace and reconciliation and a reminder that we walk on sacred ground. We have a heritage of peacemaking that we need to honor.

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Restoration Crafts