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Restoration Crafts


Anniversary Banner, Faith Lutheran Church, Sarasota, Florida: White, the dominant color of the handwoven banner represents purity and reminds us of Christ’s divinity. It is the color of Easter, Christmas and some festival days. The fibers are both ancient (linen, cotton, wool, and silk) and modern (acrylic and rayon as well as tencel–made from trees). Occasional threads of gold, silver and lurex symbolize the activity of the Holy Spirit.
On this special 40th Anniversary of Faith Lutheran the ancient image of the ship sails as the congregation’s symbol. From the Ark of Noah to the New Testament Miracles of the Sea the ship carries the People of God. The coat of arms which Martin Luther designed for himself is the crest on the sail. Luther used the cross as a reminder that faith in Christ crucified saves us. The heart set in the center of a white rose shows that faiths gives joy, peace and comfort. The blue encircling the rose represents heaven surrounded by a golden ring symbolizing eternity.

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Restoration Crafts