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Restoration Crafts


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Creative Educational Options – ways to learn and grow and become!

After years of teaching history at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo with a special emphasis on the work women have done through the centuries – spinning, dying, weaving, sewing, candle/soap making - I began my business of “Restoration Crafts.”

But one thing led to another . . . a seminar on "Teaching History in the Global Perspective," extensive study of women’s and social issues, creative work with families and children, doctoral work in mysticism and spirituality, employment at the “in-patient psych” unit of a local hospital.

All of these experiences converged to make possible -

  • creative arts workshops with children
  • support groups for women seeking identity and meaning 
  • seminars for personal growth with parents and individuals
  • workshops for professionals (educators, funeral directors, clergy)
  • seminars on spirituality and giftedness

Like any fine weaving creation, the end product of my years of study and experience is a rich tapestry. Each thread of learning or skill enhances the rest in ways that can be passed on to others - all those who wish to grow and be enriched.