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Restoration Crafts


This special banner brings a message for all seasons. It is a tapestry woven from many threads of silk, cotton, linen, and synthetics designed in our age of science. Sometimes the fiber comes from a new skein–pristine and whole. Other threads are small pieces pulled from tangled yarn. One special thread is created from discarded bits of yarn and fabric and then marketed to fund health care for children. The fibers themselves are symbols of diversity and a testament to the beauty that comes when there is respect for all aspects of life.

Blue and Red–sometimes known as the colors of sadness and anger–combine to create purple which symbolizes tenderness and compassion as well as royalty. The colors move through the shades of our feelings and emerge at the top of the banner as the coming of a new day. The butterflies are in imagined colors. They have long symbolized the Resurrection of Christ and the promise of new life for all people. The life stages of the butterfly are an example to us of the possibility of total transformation. The message is clear: God is Love. God comes to us in Love. We know Love. Love Heals!

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Restoration Crafts